Mythili Prakash

Shakti- the Sacred Force
On Tour: 2010 & 2011

“Exquisite talent and electrifying high–voltage movement” are epithets used by critics to describe Mythili Prakash a leading young exponent of Bharata Natyam dance. A new breed of dancer, Mythili uses a contemporary sensibility that speaks to audiences around the world whether you are an aficionado or new to Indian classical dance. Four stellar musicians (vocal, flute, percussion and violin) from India accompany this intensely visceral dance work that captures and amplifies the shifting dimensions of human emotion, spirit world and cosmos. Together, these charismatic artists arrive at something entirely new and magnetic creating a compelling original work while preserving classical repertoire.

“strikingly bold stances... electrifying movement… chiseled beauty ... executed with joy and passion that springs from youth and agility. At her entrance itself... the audience was alerted, made to sit on the edge of the seat... it was the dancer’s inner fire that spoke. Mythili’s capacity for internalization carried everyone on a magic carpet, the entire space charged with emotion..." (Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, Chennai 2008)

…flying jumps and whirling turns-on-the-knee performed with unfaltering precision and grace. It was a high-voltage, psychedelic portrayal of Siva's dance. (Pulse Magazine, London, 2007)

"suave and contemporary....a blend of Western Stage craft and Indian Aesthetics" (The Hindu, Chennai 2007)

Anu Kishore Ganpati
Phone: 310-206-1335