Touring Projects

The UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance (CIP), in cooperation with Foundation for World Arts (FWA) serves as Artist Representative for two international performance companies: Gamelan Cudamani, music and dance ensemble from Bali, Indonesia; and Indian classical dancer Mythili Prakash. Both companies are available on tour for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Touring projects also include educational workshops, seminars and lecture demonstrations for youth and community. Find out more about CIP's latest touring program titled Water is Rising for Fall 2011.

Since its inception in 1995, CIP has undertaken international, national and local projects in the performing arts that are interdisciplinary, intercultural, and global in perspective. FWA has worked cooperatively with CIP to present the acclaimed World Festival of Sacred Music in Los Angeles. Together we have benefited from years of work on some of the most interesting issues in the arts today by providing innovative programs through international artist residencies, arts festivals education, media and public presentation. Our grounding in cultural understanding assists in forming a vision for the needs of the future of artists, presenters and the public.

We serve presenters by facilitating the presentation of a new generation of artists. We offer American audiences the opportunity to experience the spectacular and virtuosic range of human creativity. We understand the nature of public presentation. We create the seamless interface between the artist, presenter and audience.