Our Mission

Mission Statement

Defined by a dynamic blend of theory and practice, the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance is a premier program led by a renowned faculty of scholars, activists, curators, filmmakers, and choreographers dedicated to critical cross-cultural analysis and art-making.

WACD is the place to innovate choreography, produce digital media, curate exhibitions, develop as an arts activist, and gain scholarly expertise in culture and the arts.

With an emphasis on world arts, the department decenters Eurocentric perspectives by recognizing the value of visual arts and performance as modes of inquiry and ways of knowing.

We draw upon multiple disciplines and artistic approaches while encouraging students to position their work within broad social contexts.

Our courses integrate theory, method, and practice and are grounded in diverse cultural artistic expressions. Topics include art as moral action, body politics, theories of performance, heritage and globalization studies, choreography, and corporeality/embodiment.

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