What Can I Do with a BA in World Arts and Cultures?

Our previous students have had a wide number of professional paths after graduating with a BA in World Arts and Cultures. From curatorial work to therapists, from non-profit work to educators, our students have found many ways that a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary education have supported their professional goals. For many students, WAC has enabled them to demonstrate to graduate school admissions committees that their bachelor degree taught them not simply about culture and the arts, but also provided them a training in ethical research toward social justice. Courses such as “Art and Moral Action,” “Art and Global Health,” or “Film and Feminism” provide practicle experience for careers in environmentalism or work toward gender equality. Those interested in non-profit or organizational leadership get hands-on training in our field-research class and our several community engagement courses. For those aiming to work in museums, we have courses on “Visual Culture,” “Introduction to Museology,” and “Curating Cultures.”

"The WAC curriculum is fun to learn because it’s about things I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn and discuss if I was in a different major. Also, in my opinion, one of the best aspects of this major is learning to uncover fallacies in many industries." - Kamaryn Truong, WAC Class of 2024

“I benefited immensely from the diverse course work, the emphasis the department places on personal research interests and molding the coursework to an individual’s interests, collaboration with peers, and the opportunity to design my own independent studies. World Arts and Cultures steeped me in advocacy and allowed me to actively challenge “traditional” ways of knowing, while still centering my work on psychological nuance and conceptualizations of experience.The department of World Arts and Cultures afforded me an education with incredible breadth and depth, as well as opportunities for collaboration that continue to support me in my current clinical, research, and academic endeavors.” - Hanna Young, WAC Class of 2021

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