Reflecting on COVID-19: A year in the pandemic life

Dr. Blu Wakpa reflects on students adaptation to change

Reflecting on COVID-19: A year in the pandemic life

It was about one year ago that the coronavirus pandemic brought day-to-day life on campus to a halt and most UCLA students, staff and faculty began a primarily at-home existence.

While isolation at home was the biggest challenge for some, others grappled with how to find enough physical and mental space to handle a full-time job while caring for and homeschooling children. Some empty nesters welcomed back college-aged children. People around the world faced anxieties about their own health, the health of loved ones and business shutdowns. Social engagements were abandoned and Zoom happy hours, Netflix, cooking, knitting, writing and board games filled people’s time. Many participated in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations against police brutality and murder, while others read or watched them on the news.

Below a few Bruins share some of their thoughts and feelings about how the pandemic has affected them.

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