You See LA: Summer 2020

Bryonn Bain Selects Ten Community Organizations to Support

You See LA: Summer 2020

From UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture:

Scholar, activist, theater director, actor, writer, producer, and spoken word artist Bryonn Bain joined the UCLA Department of African American Studies in 2015, co-directed the UCLA International Human Rights Law clinic in 2016, and joined the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance in 2018. Bain’s work uses the arts and activism to build movements for justice, criminal justice reform, prison education, and abolition. While attending Harvard Law School, he was wrongfully arrested by the New York Police Department, which he later successfully sued. As the founding director of the UCLA Prison Education Program, Bain has drawn on his decades of work in prisons to establish opportunities for higher education, the arts, and research in southern California prisons. He offered us this list of community organizations worth knowing about and supporting.

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