Chew on This: Book Talk by Sohini Chakraborty

Chew on This: Book Talk by Sohini Chakraborty
  • Tuesday, November 21, 2023 • 2:00 PM

Scholar, activist and dance movement therapist, Dr. Sohini Chakraborty, will be discussing her new book “Dance and Movement Therapy and Psycho-Socio Rehabilitation: The Sampoornata Model.”Sohini, a pioneer of Dance Movement Therapy in India, is the founder-director of Kolkata Sanved.

This book speaks about the psychotherapeutic effects of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) with a focus on the experiences of survivors of gender-based violence and their social development, psycho-social rehabilitation, and reintegration within society.

Through interviews with and detailed narratives of survivors, the book takes the readers through the development of the Sampoornata Model, its implementation, practice, and impact on their lives.

Situated within the social, cultural, as well as geographical context of India, the book is an important resource for rethinking the creative approaches, theories, and practice of DMT worldwide.

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