Jingqiu Guan

Jingqiu Guan

Ph.D. in Culture and Performance

Jingqiu grew up in Chengdu, China, where her love for dance was first ignited through the study of Chinese folk and classical dance. However, it was the exposure to modern dance after she came to the United States and to ballet when she was studying abroad in France that allowed her to discover that dancing had become her way of life. As a recipient of an Iowa Arts Fellowship, Jingqiu had the opportunity to deepen her understanding of dance performance through an MFA program at the University of Iowa. Currently, Jingqiu is pursuing a doctoral degree in Culture and Performance at the Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance at UCLA. Her research focuses on the knowledge production of dancefilm, examining the interplay of practitioners, exhibitions, and spectators in the shaping of this unique cultural practice.


Jingqiu has earned a BA in Economics and French from Saint Mary’s College and a Master’s Degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University.

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