Leah Busby

Leah Busby

Ph.D. in Culture and Performance


Leah is a visual artist and was formerly a civil rights lawyer based in New York City. Her master’s project explored urban residential window displays and how they contribute to a neighborhood’s poetics of place. This project, entitled, "Between Inside and Outside: The Poetics of Windows in a Los Angeles Neighborhood," was published in the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology in April 2023. Her doctorate research will focus on the value of walking and wandering in the urban United States, specifically in Los Angeles and Oakland. She is interested in how improvisational movement makes us available for certain experiences with other living beings and materialities in our surroundings, and how this relates to creating a sense of place. Leah is also interested in understanding how forms of confinement inhibit improvisational movement in everyday life, and how certain groups are disproportionately affected by these modes of confinement based on race, gender, class and ability.


UC Berkeley, MA in Folklore

University of Michigan, Residential College, BA in Political Science